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Season 2 called American Horror Story: Asylum has a few episode titles and details released. There will be 13 episodes. Here is what we have so far:

American Horror Story: 2 X 1 Welcome to Briarcliff
American Horror Story: 2 X 2 Tricks and Treats
American Horror Story: 2 X 3  Nor’easter
American Horror Story: 2 X 4 I am Anne Frank Pt. 1
American Horror Story: 2 X 5 I am Anne Frank Pt. 2
American Horror Story: 2 X 6 Origins of Monstrosity
American Horror Story: 2 X 7 Dark Cousin

American Horror Story Season 1, Murder House Episodes

American Horror Story has 12.5 episodes in it's first season and has been picked up by FX for season 2 for 13 episodes. The recaps and reviews for each episode is listed below with a link to them on the blog. This page will be updated regularly as more and more American Horror Story episodes are added. (I'm secretly hoping this show gets a longer run then the Simpsons, which was the first of its kind as well.)

American Horror Story: 1x10 Smoldering Children Recap and Review
1994 Family Dinner in the Murder House, with Constance and her kids, Tate and Addie. Larry at the head of the table. Tate ask to say the blessing, he begins to pray at the table, but it is more of a continuous slur against his mother. She asks him if...

American Horror Story: Season 1, Episode 9: Spooky Little Girl Recap and Review 
So this week Hayden steals Constance's boy toy, Ben gets his reality vision and we find out the end of the world is near. So much to think about, so late at night...

American Horror Story: Season 1 Episode 8 Rubber Man 
The episode opens with Nora looking around her home at the things that do not belong to her, someone is moving in to the house. The furnishings are cheap and she cannot understand why they are there. Someone who remains off screen...

American Horror Story: Season 1 Episode 7 Open House
It's 1994 and we see Constance in the house in front of the fire, upset that she is going to be charged with neglect because of one of her sons. Larry is there - sans fire scars - ready to do anything for her. And he does. He goes to the attic, we get to met Beau, and Larry oh so lovingly smothers him.

American Horror Story 1X6 : Season 1 Episode 6 "Piggy, Piggy" Recap
We get to witness the horrible systematic murdering of the Westfield High students by Tate Langdon in 1994. It is written very much like the Columbine shootings. Inside Murder House, Tate sits on his bed, the armed swat team enters the house and Constance is the one doing the begging.

American Horror Story: 1x3 Murder House Recap and Review
...was informative as well as full of questions that may have just creeped me out to the extreme, which is why I watch ;) The show starts in 1983 where we find a man and our maid. He tries to talk her into having sex, she doesn't want to. So he..

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