AHS Character Profiles

American Horror Story is chuck full of strong characters with sink your teeth into back stories. Each one brings its own little horrors to the show - even the guest characters with one or two show arcs have fleshed out back stories which helps make the show so interesting.

American Horror Story: Murder House Characters

Here is our most current list of character profiles for season 2, American Horror Story: Asylum, in alphabetical order by character name:

Dr. Arden
Is thought to be a Nazi.

Devon and Cooper
Twins or the same boy with multiple personality disorder? 

Sister Eunice
She is thought to be dense.

Sister Jude 
Runs Briarcliff Manor Sanitarium with a firm hand - and some cane.

Kit Walker
He killed his wife and claims she was abducted.

Lana Winters
A reporter, she ends up in one of the asylum's beds.

Honeymooner in the present time.

Monsignor Timothy O'Hara
Head of Briarcliff Manor Sanitarium 

She is said to be Sister Jude's antagonist.

Honeymooner in the present time.
 Dr. Thredson 
Is a psychiatrist at Briarcliff Manor Sanitarium.

Sam Goodman
Sam Goodman is a Nazi hunter and a Holocaust survivor.
American Horror Story: Murder House Character Profiles
The characters from season one are all interwoven as  they all reside in the Murder House. Some are living, some are dead, and some become dead after being in the house.

She worried about being split in half.

Billie Dean Howard
Medium, Ryan Murphy said in an interview that we should consider her legit.

Chad loves the house and goes to great efforts to restore it.

Is terrified of Urban Legends and can get a date because he is afraid to look in the bathroom mirror.

Was pregnant when she was killed.

Ben Harmon
Ben moved his entire family to LA to create a new start.

Violet Harmon
She was very interested in the house when she found out about previous owners murder/suicide.

Vivien Harmon
She was trying to get pregnant again, but doesn't like to take drugs, she prefers to let nature  take its course.

Billie Dean Howard
Friend of Constance, a medium.

Adelaide  Langdon
As punishment, her mother locks her in a room full of mirrors.

Constance Langdon
Constance can see all of the dead people in the house.

Tate Langdon
He doesn't remember being dead, or acts like he doesn't know it.

Luke is an agent for a private security company.


Real Estate agent who sold the house to the Harmon family.

She is a good maid and becomes very fearful when Vivien wants to get rid of her because she can no longer afford her.

Dr. Charles Montgomery
Charles built the house back in 1922 for his wife.

Nora Montgomery
Set up for women to obtain illegal abortions through her husband in order to pay the bills.

R. Franklin
He was the reason for the first home invasion.

Thaddeus Montgomery/Infantata
He is killed by a patient's boyfriend and cut up into little pieces because the doctor performed an abortion on his girlfriend.

Aspiring model/actor, Constance's boy-toy.

Troy and Bryan
They have the distinguished honor of being American Horror Story's first deaths.

Is accuse of cheating Chad with his trainer or other guys at the gym.