Tuesday, September 1, 2015

American Horror Story Hotel Promo Videos Towhead - Peepers - Sleep Walk 4, 5 & 6

The Tow Head video promo for American Horror Story shows a bunch of kids with white hair, sunken in eyes and all going down a flight of steps - steps are simply a horror classic. They look sick, sick, sick. Isn't there a pediatrician in Hotel Cortez? Oh yeah, Dr. Alex Lowe!

And then we have a sleep walker who got sewn into his bed. Considering I keep hearing about 4-somes and blood drinking, I think this is a clue to how victims are caught and kept, no?

And peepers promo video  in room 64. Murphy talked about that being Mr. March's room? So if he had it in the olden days when he built the hotel, does the Countess have it now?

Check out the videos after the jump! (all in one)

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