Monday, August 31, 2015

Halloween Dinner Party at AHS: Hotel

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What better way to get your scare on during Halloween when you are a detective then having a dinner party with some of the most notorious serial killers there are? Seriously, there is no way detective John Lowe played by Wes Bentley is going to make it out alive, right?

 But there is even better news about the episode and if you are an avid American Horror Story fan, you will agree. That's because the episode called "Devil’s Night" is also the one in which Lilly Rabe returns to the season. Yippeee! I just love her type of crazy ;)

So, Ryan Murphy gave us a tease, "The biggest serial killers of all time all come to the hotel. Gacey. Aileen. John Lowe’s invited to a devil’s night dinner. He thinks someone is pulling a huge prank on him. It’s the biggest serial killers of all time in a room with him and he has to figure who is trying to make him lose his mind." I'm not sure how all of this plays into the main theme of the Countess and her blood-sucking ways, or the older story of James March, but there have always been side stories that add to the fullness of the main plot in each AHS season.

AHS: Hotel will have a two parts to their Halloween story, which follows previous seasons. It also follows that there will be a pivotal reveal as well. The second part of the story has Darren Criss playing a hipster - I can see this and being annoying, ticking off Iris, who is played by Katherine Bates. Now if Iris is anything like Annie in Misery, well, Criss' character is toast.

 Rabe will portray serial killer Aileen Wurnos, who was an American serial killer who killed seven men and was put to death on October 9, 2002.

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