Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Spoilers and Rumors For American Horror Story Episode 4: I am Anne Frank Part 1

I'm finding quite a few rumors and spoilers for this weeks episode of American horror story but I thought I would pass along. The first one has to do with the interview Ryan Murphy gave EW after last week's episode Nor'easter. my favorite bit of information, besides Leo and Teresa possibly not being dead, from this is that Sr. Eunice continues to push all of Sr. Jude's buttons:
 She has a line I believe in the fourth episode that’s “The devil knows everything.” She can really manipulate people particularly people like Jude who are having troubles with their faith.
And here's a little thing that I didn't realize, Sr. Eunice sullen alien in the woods when she was dropping off the body of the Mexican. Ryan Murphy even said so in the interview, so we know it's true! Here I thought it was the Raspers. I think he may have answered her question about Kit Walker. But I'm not falling for anything yet – you never know!

Ryan Murphy also lets us know that we will be seeing Anne Frank. I'm not sure how I feel about that I hero from my childhood, I've often thought about her and like many other 12-year-old girls wondered what her life would have been like. I guess I'll think more on it after tonight's show.

TV line reported that in tonight's show Kit Walker is going to come to the realization that he either remains crazy or dies in jail. I don't know where this storyline is going but it's got my curiosity up. Thredson has already said, or written, that he thinks Kit is clinically insane. So, what more is there to do in these sessions he is having with Kit? According to the article Kit's going to be looking for redemption in all the wrong places. Yeah that is right - with Sr. Jude!

Hey Bill, right here --> Should be a great show tonight I know a friend of mine is waiting for certain actress, Franka Potente. she's on tonight! And guess who she is? Anne Frank!

I found one more rumor!! Ryan Murphy teased something awful in episode 4 to “Oh No They Didn’t,” saying, “I just edited the most disturbing scene we've ever done on that show with Sarah Paulson and Zach [Quinto], and as soon as it was over I called her and I said I can’t wait for people to see it… And it’s not violent, it’s psychological, but it is the scariest thing we've ever done. It’s Episode 4. Two weeks!”

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