Thursday, November 8, 2012

Season 2 Episode 4: I am Anne Frank Part 1 Recap

Anne Frank ©FX

Right from the start of the episode, we meet a Jewish woman who we find out later is Anne Frank – or thinks she is. I believe her, do you? She's a bit more violent than she was in her youth as she was placed in the asylum for stabbing some business men with a broken bottle for making an anti-semantic comment. I love how she measures up Sister Jude and has no fear of her. 

In the common room, she recognizes Dr. Arden as a
Nazi war criminal. This is confirmed by the homicide detectives that visit him, as the prostitute went running to them with stories of the pictures she saw and the Nazi medals. They are wondering if Dr. Arden is Bloody Face and they got the wrong guy.

Later, we get to hear the full story of why she doesn't contact her family after the war – she is a true fighter and wants the world to know what happened in the concentration camps, if she is alive her book won't be as popular and people will forget.Then she shows Sr. Jude her tattoo, I think she wins the good sister over... maybe?

Grace and Kit ©FX
Dr. Ardent is keeping busy! So many patients, so little time. He seems to be working on some type of experimentation with maybe a 'master race'. He tells Shelley that she may live forever after he is done with her. Later, he brings Anne to his den of horrors, after Monsignor Timothy O'Hara tells him to 'clean up'(?), but she manages to shot him and find Shelly - cannot wait for the second part of this storyline!

We also got to see a little bit of Kit with Dr. Arden as the good doctor seems to have misplaced the chip he was investigating. He thinks that Kit has somehow replaced it back in his body.  I think our doctor is more paranoid that most of the inmates. Then Kit and Grace get it on in the bakery and get caught! Sister Jude is filing the paperwork to sterilize them both.

Let's get to Dr. Thredson and Lana. He wants to cure her, do some good. But he is leaving at the end of the week and he wants to bring her with him. So, he tries therapy that entails her throwing up when she looks at women and masturbating when she looks at men. She ends up throwing up when she thinks about touching the man and Dr. Thredson realizes this isn't going to work.

Kit confesses to Sr. Jude that he wants to be forgiven for the things he has done, even though he doesn't remember doing them. He seems to be winning her over to his side.

Other juicy tidbits:

Sister Jude trying to be heard. ©FX
  • Sister Eunice gave Kit Grace's file so he could find out taht she was a killer and she lied to him.
  • Sister Jude has a mentor not too far away who is advising her on what to do with Monseigneur Tim. He certainly knows how to shut Sr. Jude up - by threatening her with loosing her job.
  • You get the feeling that Monseigneur Tim isn't who we think he is. 
  • Does anyone really think that Doctor Thredson is really going to leave in a week? How about Lana?

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