Thursday, November 1, 2012

Season 2 Episode 3: Nor'easter Recap

Things are really beginning to get stormy for our characters at Briarcliff Manor. Like Sr. Eunice said there's a storm coming and it certainly hits for Sr. Jude and our three want-to-be much as happened, all of our characters as the episodes in the second season progressing much like the episodes in the first season .- quickly and full of information

Maybe this isn't the way out for Lana, Kit and Grace? ©FX
The show starts out with Leo and Teresa dealing with bloody face Bloody Face, he is stabbing Leo in the stomach. Then he goes after Teresa and just before he reaches her Leo comes to her rescue. I'm guessing in American Horror Story it's not only the bad guy who get the gazillion lives – seriously people, Leo got up? So Leo stabs Bloody Face and then Teresa proceeds to to stab him lots and lots. She picks up Leo grabs her phone dialed 911 and runs into Bloody Face #2. Turns around to find Bloody Face #3 who shoots Leo and Teresa dead.

During the conversation between Bloody Face #2 and Bloody Face #3 whose name is Cooper, we find out
that Bloody Face #1 was their friend, Joe. Just as Cooper was starting to freak out and Bloody Face #2 was trying to calm him down they turned to see Bloody Face #4 walking toward them. Something tells me they don't know this guy.

It's the little girl calling... ©FX
We pick up in 1964 Sr. Eunice is giving the mail Sr. Jude in her office. In the mail as new newspaper from 1949, it freaks Sr. Jude out as they contained the story of the little girl she hit with her carbefore becoming a nun. Her paranoia last throughout the episode and really brings out some of Jessica Lange best acting. I loved the scene where the little girl called Sr. Jude and how her "I'm sorry" sounded. So desperate, as if she really hoped she could 'fix' it.

Sr. Jude decides to have a movie to keep everyone calm during the storm. The three decide to try and escape again. Well, Grace didn't really want Lana to escape with them, but kit was okay with it. They got out in the middle of the storm and ran right into Dr. Arden's Raspers. I have to say they were pretty gross looking. They hightailed it back and were in their movie seats when Sr. Jude came to check– although they were a little wet.

Sr. Eunice propositions Dr. Arden. ©FX
The devil inside Sr. Eunice is certainly having a really good time. She's stirring up trouble, wearing red lipstick, coming on to Dr. Arden, enjoying Catholic films and killing inmates to feed to the creatures. I wonder how long it's going to take Sr. Jude or Dr. Arden to figure it out. Although, I think I'll put my money on Dr. Thredson.

Dr. Arden he is also very busy. First he thinks Kit Walker is some kind of spy because of the chip he found, so he put it back in Kit's neck? Not sure where that is going... and then he gets a hold of Shelley she spurs his advances so he knocks her out and he cuts off her legs. Ick!

I think episode three Nor'easter is building on our characters stories and plot points to the point were going to have so many questions season finale gets here - or even that mid-season break! How bout you? Do you like all the plots and subplots whirling around Briarcliff Manor? Let us know in the comments area.


Anonymous said...

Bloody face #4 was wearing a suit or sports jacket; is this a "clue" or indicator of who bloody face is?

Anonymous said...

Oh and he didn't put the chip back. He was looking for the "magnet" that caused the chip bug to want to get back in Kit.

Natalie Jenkins said...

Great recap! I’m not sure what to think of all the plots and subplots that revolve around American Horror Story. I’m sure by mid-season the show will start to make more sense, and hopefully more questions answered. I missed this episode because of my new work schedule at DISH. I remembered to record this on my Hopper, and since there is a ton of DVR record space I will record the rest of the season. I will have to make sure I go back and watch the scene where Dr. Arden may or may not have put the chip back in Kit’s neck.

Denise said...

Yeah the suit looked like it could be Dr. Arden, plus he was tall, but how could he be alive still. I think that the next episode might answer that, if I understood the clip.

Denise said...

Thanks Natalie! I think some of the questions will be answered by then too... but more will be asked ;)

Anonymous said...

Dr Thredson may not be a real physician called in to solely look at Kit...he may very well be a patient himself that believes he is a doctor! Notice how he hangs in the patient common room all toooo frequently! This would never be permissible if he was only there to assess Kit!!! I think he is Bloodyface ... Son of thread/Thredson... Remember the sewing machine clue?

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