Monday, November 26, 2012

Sam Goodman

Mark Margolis as Sam Goodman ©FX
Sam Goodman is a Nazi hunter and a Holocaust survivor, he shows Sister Jude his numbers tattoo. He is recommended to Sister Jude by her Mother Superior, Sister Claudia. He finds evidence that Dr. Arden is Hans Gruper, a Nazi doctor from Auschwitz who preyed on young girls.The character has lots of information to share that fills in plausible explanations of how Dr. Arden came to be in the asylum. He is killed by Sister Mary Eunice/the Devil and Sr. Jude finds him.

Quotes Made by Sam Goodman

  2X5 I am Anne Frank Part 2
 "Instincts are everything. We ignore them at our peril." Sam Goodman to Sister Jude
  2X6 Origins of Monstrosity
"A nun... a nun... one of yours..." - a dying Sam Goodman to Sister Jude

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