Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is Alma Still Alive? Why Would the Aliens Keep Her?

Grace met Alma in a smoky alien haze. Now we know that there are aliens, we've seen them even when the characters at Briarcliff Manor haven't noticed them. Kit Walker swears his wife was abducted – although that isn't what he said on tape, silly boy! And now we're not sure what is going on but we think it's possible that Grace may have had a baby.
Grace meets Alma, Kit's wife. ©FX

Could it have been an alien baby or was it Kit's baby? Which brings me to a question that I've been wondering since Dr. Arden found that  chip in Kit Walker's neck: Why are they so interested in him? I wonder if all the girls that were abducted by aliens and have had children top Kit are part of the count that Bloody Face has?

But when it comes down to it Alma is alive. Grace saw her and she had never seen her before so she doesn't know what she looked like. We saw her. We saw the aliens… Something is up!

I also want to point out that the body they thought was Alma's didn't have a head. There was no DNA testing in 1964, so they have no idea. I bet they could figure it out if they asked Dr. Thredson ;)

Did you think maybe the aliens are keeping Kit's wife alive to see how her pregnancy progresses? And they took Grace's baby because she was going to be sterilized? Are they raising some kind of Kit Walker/alien race? It's something to think about... let me know what you think in the comments area.

Update: EW has an interview with Ryan Murphy:
Is Alma pregnant with an alien baby?
I’m not saying. Who’s to say that’s even real?

Okay, well, Grace appears to have been experimented on by the aliens. Is she pregnant with an alien baby?
I’m not saying that! I think it’s interesting the aliens come after Kit has sex with women. That’s a really good clue. People should look at that. There’s something about that.

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