Friday, November 23, 2012

American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 6: Origins of Monstrosity Recap

The imitators. ©FX
So, what went on during what Ryan Murphy called "one of the darkest episodes we've ever done"? Bloody Face still reins in 2012, a head nun gets ousted, a Nazi hunter killed, a serial killer deals with his mommy issues, the devil makes a deal for a soul, an innocent man figures a few things out and a little girl gets away with murder. If you thought for any reason that American Horror Story would start to weave some of it story threads together by episode 6, you need to get into the spirit of AHS. They are going to keep fans guessing right up until the end!

So, we start off Monstrosity with a phone call to 911 in 2012. It's Dr Thredson's voice? telling the operator to send someone to Briarcliff. Police respond and
find the Blood Face impostors strung up, dead. They then find Leo in a similar state on the floor, but not Teresa who is alive and now a guest of the real Bloody Face who must be living at Briarcliff Manor. My hubby says, no! It sounds like the Dad from AHS season one and sure enough the man was right. EW confirms it is Dylan McDermott.

Sister gets a call from Sam who tells her that Anne/Charlotte had been right, Dr Arden is Hans Gruber. Sam needs a fingerprint to confirm. Sister Jude is going to try and get him one. She succeeds by offering the good doctor a farewell drink - more on that later - and taking the glass to her Nazi hunter, Sam - only to find him dying on the floor as Sister Mary Eunice got there first.

Jenny and Sr. Jude. ©FX
When it rains it pours for Sister Jude. A mothers comes in with her daughter and Sr. Jude explains that they do not have a children's wards. But the mother leaves the child anyway. We see flashback of the child's behavior and know that the mom is telling the truth - she's a little killer. She gives off those vibes and even Sister Jude gives the child a wide berth. Sister Eunice encourages the little girl and when she does go back to her mother she kills her whole family. Not sure how this fits in with the main storyline - but I bet we will find out soon.

Monsignor Timothy visits Shelley in the hospital, not letting anyone know that he knows her. He prays for her and then he kills her. He then confronts Dr. Arden who explain that he is developing a race of people that will withstand the nuclear holocaust. He tells the monsignor that if he gets caught so does everything at Briarcliff.  Then, he has the monsignor dismiss Sr. Jude. So, I'm wondering, what is Monsignor Tim hiding, huh?

Sister Mary Eunice in red. ©FX
When Sr. Mary Eunice is not dancing around in Sr. Jude's red lingerie telling Jesus she is owned by no man, she's sharing fond photo memories with Dr. Arden. She comments how cute he is as Hans Gruber. Then she proceeds to make a deal for his soul... I doubt he truly understands what is going on and I wonder if the devil didn't have his soul lock, stock and barrel anyway, but is was a really good scene. Lily Rabe is amazing in this role.

Kit Walker calls Thredson and let's him know he is on to his ways - gotta wonder if this is how Thredson ends up snagged and in Briarcliff? Anyway the Oliver blows him off and goes to play with his new mommy, Lana. She's caught on and is playing the part pretty well. Good thing as it is saving her life. We also found out that he is really a doctor and his fetish for dead skin started in med school.

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