Sunday, November 25, 2012

AHS Season 2 Episode 6: Origins of Monstrosity Quotes

Sealed with a kiss from the devil. ©FX
Oh, those evil characters and their victims! What they have to say! Hec, even some evil ones are victims ;-) Here are some of my favorite quotes from the sixth episode of American Horror Story: Origins of Monstrosity:

"I've been a very busy boy." - Bloody Face of Today

"One of my dreams for Briarcliff has been to open a children's ward. There are so many little souls who could use our help. But, we can do nothing. Until that time, prayer is your strength and your ally." - Sister Jude

"I put her somewhere where she wouldn't be found. Wouldn't do to have her body pop up now that Kit Walker has confessed to all of those horrendous murders." - Dr. Thredson/Bloody Face to Lana Winters about Wendy's body.

"It's a sort of bacterial cocktail, if you will. It would actually inhibit most disease from ever taking hold in the human body." - Dr. Arden

"What would you need to continue your work?" - Monsignor Timothy

"Human trails would have been next."  - Dr. Arden
"I assume it would be difficult to find volunteers." - Monsignor Timothy
"From the general public, yes. But there are those whose lives otherwise serve no other purpose. Through our work together, they would have contributed to the greater good. A good that would not go unnoticed - even in Rome." - Dr. Arden

"If you do open that window the light will illuminate everything in Briarcliff. And I do mean everything." - Dr. Arden to Monsignor Timothy

"I know everything. I'm the Devil." - Sister Mary Eunice

"You said you'd lie for me so I could avoid the chair, but all you did was lie to me."-  Kit Walker to Dr. Thredson/Bloody Face.

"To you and to God's will." - toast to Dr. Arden by Sister Jude

"A nun... a nun... one of yours..." - a dying Sam Goodman to Sister Jude

"I'm not a monster! I'm a visionary! Do you have any idea how lonely a path this is? What it is like to have to carry on your work in secret? Hiding from those pious vigilantes." - Dr. Arden to Sister Eunice

"This is the beginning of a whole new era. All you need to do is trust me with your entire soul and I promise you everything will work out." - Sister Eunice to Dr. Arden

"That's alright, Oliver. I don't want you to fell guilty. A mother's love is unconditional. You never had that, did you? Everyone deserves that. Even you, baby." - Lana Winters

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