Monday, October 29, 2012

Season 2 Episode 2: Tricks and Treats Quotes

Love the line the writers have given our cast at Briarcliff Manor. You just know the twists of all the meanings aren't able to be fully comprehended yet, but some of them are already blowing my mind. Here are some quotes from the second episode of American Horror StoryI'm sure you'll agree were worth quoting. If you have any quotes to add, let us know in the comments section.

People say the darnedest things face-to-face with a serial killer!

Leo whispers to Bloody Face: "Help me.."
Wendy to Bloody Face: "I'm a schoolteacher... The children, they won't understand."
Dr. Thredson observing the asylum practices. ©FX

Shelley to Sr. Jude: "Hey, sister. I have a cucumber in my room, but not because I was hungry."

Lana to Sr. Jude: "I don't need those, Sister. I have an excellent memory."
Sr. Jude replies: "Yeah? We'll see about that."

Dr. Thredson: "Sister, your hospital still administers electric shock theropy to treat homosexuality. It's barbaric! Behavior modification is the current standard."
Sr. Jude: "Tomato, ta-ma-to."

Grace: "There have been plenty of killers here. Kit is not one of them."

Dr. Arden: "In your line of work it must have been frightening meeting strange men. what with a killer on the loose, skinning and decapitating women. a great weight must have been lifted now that he's been captured."

Devil through Jed to Sr. Jude: "It drives your crazy doesn't it? To be the smartest person in the room with no real power because of that smelly clam between your legs."
Devil as the little girl in the blue coat: "You never even bothered to get out of the car."

Devil through Sr. Eunice to Dr. Arden: "You could never frightened me doctor. You make me feel safe."

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