Thursday, October 25, 2012

Season 2 Episode 2: Tricks and Treats Recap

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to see what Sister Eunice does to Dr. Arden now that she's possessed with this hell spawn demon/devil. I'm so excited, I'm getting giddy! But more about that later. Let's start at the beginning of Trick and Treats episode for our recap.

The show starts off with a scream as we pick up with Teresa who has come face-to-face with Bloody Face. It seems that this monster is still alive! He certainly looks solid enough, EEP!! He chases her around and finds her trying to save Leo. Try as she might she can't drag Leo to safety, so she hides in a room and watches Bloody Face
stab her husband. I've got to wonder if this isn't some game Leo is playing with her since he loves her so much and he knows how much of a horror fan she is. I mean think about it, this is the last stop of their haunted honeymoon tour... if it is a trick, hope it doesn't backfire on him!

Now we're back in the 60s checking out the lesbian friends of by Lana Winters. Wendy, Lana's lover, tells her friends that she's going to get Lana out of the asylum tomorrow. Unfortunately, Bloody Face had other plans.

Sr. Jude has decided to do an inspection of the patient's rooms cells. She finds notes in Lana's room. She takes them and Lana tells her she doesn't need them because she has an excellent memory. Sr. Jude says, "We'll see about that." Sr. Jude proceeds to get Lana an appointment with Dr. Arden for electric shock therapy. Sarah Paulson did a tremendous job acting out this scene. Ouch!

In the next scene, we get to meet Dr. Thredson. He is been appointed by the courts to see if Kit is insane or capable of standing trial. I think Dr. Thredson believes Kit is totally sane, until he talks about the aliens...

The rest of tonight's episode mostly revolves around a 17-year-old boy whose parents have brought him to the asylum to get some help. It seems he's been speaking in tongues and eating the hearts out of his father's livestock. Not your normal everyday teen stuff - and I should know! This storyline brings out some of the best plot points and character interactions that fans like me are just going to lap up this season. Here are a few:
  • Dr. Thredson and Sr. Jude go at it over a difference of opinion in the treatment of patients at the asylum, including this boy.
  • We are not just dealing with the insane, there's definitely a demon now possessing Sr. Eunice.
  • Msgr. Timothy believes in the occult, he seems quite knowledgeable.
  • Sr. Jude has one heck of a back story. While dealing with the possessed teen, we find out she's guilty of getting drunk and hitting a little girl with her car. A little girl with the blue coat. She's a white trash floozy which is why I think she reads people so well.
  • The demon zaps all the electricity out of the asylum which opens all the doors and let's all the patients out. Lana was going to show Grace how to get out of the asylum. But, Grace would bring kit along. The Lana thinks Kit is guilty of murdering those girls. So she screams for the guards. later, Sr. Jude makes Lana pick the switch to use on Grace and Kit.
  • Dr. Thredson hears from his mother through the demon. Seems she didn't want him.
  • Sr. Eunice is the object of Dr. Arden affection - or obsession is the better word. while we understand that Dr. Arden firmly believes that a whore is beneath him considering what he said to Shelley, he hires one that looks just like Sr. Eunice. He even has her dressing up like a nun. she goes along with it until she finds pictures of women tortured and tied up. She manages to get away but you get the feeling that not many have escaped Dr. Arden. It's also amazing to see the powerful emotional domination he has over Sr. Eunice. The Devil is going to take care of that.
  • The 17-year-old boy dies during the exorcism, and Sr. Eunice faints. Later we note the cross on her wall shaking when she gets frustrated.

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