Thursday, October 18, 2012

Season 2 Episode 1: Welcome to Briarcliff

 The first episode of season 2, Welcome to Briarcliff, delivered. The introduction of the characters gave us just enough depth that I am sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation for the rest of the season. I have so many thoughts, guesses and theories - what great fun!

The first five minutes of the episode was given to the fans as a teaser last week and can be found here. Its 2012, Adam Levine playing Leo with his wife Teresa are on their honeymoon, touring 12 places of horror. Briarcliff Manor is the 12th spot. As they tour the run down old manor, getting all hot and horny, Teresa hears a noise and is drawn to a locked room where she talks Leo into trying to look in by reaching in with his arm - which is ripped off!

 Is this bloody face? hmmmm... could be. Teresa tries to help and she finds herself trapped! Good thing she is a horror buff. Because it seems like bloody face is surely going to show her a good time.

We then get whisked back to 1964, the year Ryan Murphy says 'religion and science collided'. Gas prices are up to $.30 - they really know how to layer on the horror in that writer's room. Kit runs the stations and three of his 'friends' try to borrow his gun to scare a black boy who is messing one of the guy's sister. The head bully/friend, makes a not-veiled-remark about chocolate to Kit. In the next scene we see Kit at home with his new wife, who is black. They haven't told anyone that they are married yet. After some honeymooning, they get abducted by aliens - really, I don't think it was in his head.

We are then introduced to Briarcliff Manor, Sister Eunice who is a wimp and the stairway to heaven. Lana is interviewing the people in charge of the bakery at the institution. Sister Jude pretty much sees right through her, as this is the day Bloody face is being brought into the asylum and that is the real story Lana is after. She dismisses her, rather rudely.

Next we get introduced to Bloody Face... it's Tate Kit! (Why not? He made a good Rubberman!) Now, at this point I am believing the hype and thinking that Kit did get abducted by aliens - because Ryan said that he was going to be the good guy. So I am pulling for him.

After being caned by Sister Jude and put in solitary for fighting in the common room, Kit is taken by Dr Arden to be experimented on. Sister Jude has accused our mysterious doctor of killing patients. He didn't deny it. He makes it known to Kit that he is going to do bad things to him as the doctor is strapping him to the table. Then he cuts a 'bug' out of Kit's neck. The creepy doctor has found alien technology... eep!

Don't mess with Sister Jude, you'll end up a patient. Lana Winters didn't get this memo. She went nosing around the asylum after dark and ended up a patient - Sister Jude blackmailed Lana's lover into signing the commitment papers.

I am currently waiting to download the show from iTunes to pull some quotes... be sure to come back and enjoy them with me ;)


Gerard said...

Haha! Who knew Adam Levine was so kinky? Well, aside from a million Maroon 5 fans, obviously!

Kip's character raises TWO big questions: did he get abducted by aliens, REALLY? And even if he did, who actually murdered and skinned his wife? I'm dying to find out!

Denise said...

Exactly, is Kit a murderer or an abductee? I think Ryan Murphy is going to make it a blast for those of us who are dying to find out.

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