Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Did Kit Walker Kill His Wife? Or Was He Abducted By Aliens?

One of the many plots points in this season's American Horror Story has to do with the character Kit Walker much like the who is rubber man? Storyline of the first season, fans of the show – a.k.a. me – are wondering if Kit was really abducted by aliens or is he Bloody Face?

Kit Walker, a serial killer or an alien abductee?
A part of this question was answered in episode two, Tricks and Treats, because bloody face visited Wendy and Kit Walker was still in the asylum. So, unless he already knows a way to get out of Briarcliff, he's not the killer. Of course, it could be a copycat.

Considering Billy Dean's revelation last season about places like asylums and the possession we saw last week of Sr. Eunice, it's really not all that inconceivable that
Kit Walker was abducted by aliens and his wife was killed and skinned by them. but I'd like to take a closer look at all the possibilities:

When we first met. Kit Walker,  he was keeping three guys from taking his gun and using it on a black man who was talking to one of their sisters. We later see, that kid is married to a colored woman named Aulma. in the South in 1964, this type of union was not tolerated. It could be that these friend killed her and framed him to be the serial killer that was currently making his rounds. Therefore, what we saw could be Kit's imagination because may be the guilt of what happened to Alma, drove him insane. That would explain why he believes his wife is still alive.

Or Kit Walker could be a serial killer. A copycat could easily be picking up his reign of terror while he's in Briarcliff Manor. Dr. Arden comes to mind considering all of those photos. I don't know though, how many faces of skin could be floating around that town?

Update: In episode three, Nor'easter Lana begins to believe that Kit is innocent.

I'm sure were going to get evidence on all sides of this argument. I'll update here when we do. But until then, tell us what you think in the comments area!

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