Friday, October 19, 2012

AHS Season 2 Episode 1: Welcome to Briarcliff Quotes

Briarcliff Manor ©FX
The opening episode of the second season of American Horror Story was nothing short of spook-tacular. While not everything made sense, fans of the show know that is the way its supposed to be. Ryan Murphy did an excellent job of laying the foundation to what should be a great season. Here are some quotes that I felt were important to what happened - and what is coming!

"They shuttled the bodies out through an underground tunnel called the Death Chute. We should totally do it in the Death Chute." - Teresa
"Oh my god, you are totally demented. I love you." - Leo

"We need to keep it a secret" - Alma Walker
"Baby, it makes me feel like I can't even protect my own family." - Kit Walker

"Mental illness is the fashionable explanation for sin." - Sister Jude to Lana Winters

"Here you will repent for your crimes to the only judge that matters. To all mighty God." - Sister Jude to Kit Walker.

"You think it's bad not having a chair? Just think of the one they will strap you into." - Grace to Kit

"I know, baby, and I am behind you 100%. If you need to take some time off to get this story done, I want you to do it." Wendy to Lana

"Anything I do in my life, I do because you love me." - Lana to Wendy

 "I need you to be a team player. The doctor needs full oversight of his domain. You look after yours." Monsignor Timothy to Sister Jude

"Do you hear them? They sound like they are getting hungrier." - Sister Mary Eunice to Dr. Arden

"I hope you don't mind if I don't use antithetic. It interferes with my readings." - Dr. Arden to Kit Walker

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