Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sister Jude

Sister Jude is the head of Briarcliff Manor Sanitarium, along with Monsignor Timothy O'Hara. She is a main character in this season of American Horror Story and is played by Jessica Lange.

Jessica Lange as Sister Jude. ©FX
Ryan Murphy has said that the character of Sister Jude played by Lange is good for the most part, or good in her own way.  I have never met a nun who was in charge - and I've know quite a few - who was simply 'good'. They all thought they were and relied heavily on the premise that since they were doing God's work, what they did was 'good' but, not really. I'm betting that's what he means... we will see how Sister Jude turns out. According to EW, Sister Jude is 'more sadistic than saintly'.

Now Saint Jude, this character's Catholic patron saint, is the saint of lost causes and cases of despair. Looks like someone did their research ;) He is the saint who people pray to when they wish for aid when it seems like all hope is lost or in life or death situations and it is customary to thank him in the newspaper if your prayer was answered.

Quotes Made by Sister Jude

"Here you will repent for your sins to the only judge that matters." - Insanity trailer, said to Kit Walker.

 2X6 Origins of Monstrosity
"One of my dreams for Briarcliff has been to open a children's ward. There are so many little souls who could use our help. But, we can do nothing. Until that time, prayer is your strength and your ally."

 "To you and to God's will." - toast to Dr. Arden by Sister Jude
2X5 I am Anne Frank Part 2
 Dr. Arden: "You should probably know that I plan on pressing charges."
Sr. Jude: "To what end. She's a confused young woman."
Dr. Arden: "Oh. Not her. You. On your watch that crazy bitch got a hold of a loaded gun and you sent her home without so much as a slap on the wrist. You're ineptitude is staggering."
Sr. Jude: "Dr. Arden, I know in the past you and I have had our differences and you are certainly entitled to a sense of safety here. I hope perhaps you and I can start afresh. "
Dr. Arden: "Is that your idea of an apology?"
Sr. Jude: "Is that what you're looking for? An apology?"
Dr. Arden: "No. I prefer you grovel. I think I am entitled to it. Perhaps if you prostrated yourself on the floor and begged my forgiveness."

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