Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sister Mary Eunice

Lily Rabe as Sister Eunice. ©FX
Sister Mary Eunice is the second in command at Briarcliff Manor Sanitarium under Sister Jude. She is thought to be dense, dim-witted? - but the actress who plays her, Lily Rabe, says that there is more to her than you think.She may be the person who is in charge of the Raspers needs.

Looking up Saint Eunice in the saints dictionary, you get: 'There are several Saint Eunice available, but little is known about any of them. One of them is remembered in the Bible as the mother of St. Timothy...' Funny how little we know about Sister Eunice.. do you think she maybe had a child? We will see.

Quotes Made by Sister Mary Eunice 

2X6 Origins of Monstrosity
 "I know everything. I'm the Devil." to Jenny

"This is the beginning of a whole new era. All you need to do is trust me with your entire soul and I promise you everything will work out." -  to Dr. Arden 
2X5 I am Anne Frank Part 2
 "Rest up dear. You're going under the knife in the morning. You'll need your strength."  to Grace.

"You'll be free to do that work once sister Jude has been turned out. The monsignor will put you in charge and you'll need a strong right hand. Someone you can trust."  to Dr. Arden

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