Monday, September 24, 2012

Monsignor Timothy O'Hara

Joseph Fiennes as Monsignor Timothy O'Hara. ©FX
Monsignor Timothy O'Hara is played by Joseph Fiennes. He is the head of Briarcliff Manor Sanitarium and the object of Sister Jude's affections. He is not as innocent as his pious nature would have you believe. It is said he has dark intentions.

According to some religious text, Saint Timothy, the patron saint of the monsignor, was not circumcised at birth, therefore, when he became a follower and Saint Paul's companion, Paul insisted he be circumcised and Paul performed the operation "with his own hand". I wonder if the Monsignor is gay and takes advantage of the young men in the sanitarium.

Quotes Made by Monsignor Timothy O'Hara

2X6 Origins of Monstrosity
"What would you need to continue your work?" to Dr. Arden

"Human trails would have been next."  - Dr. Arden
"I assume it would be difficult to find volunteers." - Monsignor Timothy
"From the general public, yes. But there are those whose lives otherwise serve no other purpose. Through our work together, they would have contributed to the greater good. A good that would not go unnoticed - even in Rome." - Dr. Arden

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