Friday, September 21, 2012

Dr. Thedson

 Zachery Quinto as Dr. Thredson. ©FX
Dr. Thredson is played by Spock, I mean Sylar, no, no... Zachery Quinto. Such a good looking lad, right? Well in American Horror Story Season 2, he goes up against Sister Jude for his 'forward-thinking ways'. Not sure what that means, but I'm looking forward to it. One of my favorite scenes was those two going at it in the nursery at Murder House. Can't wait to see what they can pull off at an asylum ;)

Dr. Thredson is a psychiatrist at Briarcliff Manor Sanitarium. It is believed that he is against the caning of patients, or whatever else might be happening to them? Does he know about the raspers?

Theories: Is Dr. Thredson a war vet? Is he against the harsh treatment of the patients because he himself was treated that way, or was he forced to torture victims? Can't wait to find out!

Quotes Made by Dr. Thredson

2X6 Origins of Monstrosity
"I put her somewhere where she wouldn't be found. Wouldn't do to have her body pop up now that Kit Walker has confessed to all of those horrendous murders." - to Lana Winters about Wendy's body. 

"I don't work here anymore, Frank. As a matter of fact, I never did."  to Frank the guard of Briarcliff Manor.
"You are going to write about this. You were going to win a Pulitzer prize. I just know it, Lana. You are the person to tell my story." to Lana Winters

"I think I made a wrong turn." Lana
"You found my little hobby." Dr. Thredson
"You make furniture?" Lana
"Lamps, mainly. The shades myself." Dr. Thredson
"Really? What kind of material do you use?" Lana
"Skin." Dr. Thredson

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