Friday, September 21, 2012

Dr. Arden

James Cromwell as Dr. Arden. ©FX
Dr. Arden is a medical doctor at the Briarcliff Manor Sanitarium. He is being played by James Cromwell.

Dr. Arden is thought to be a Nazi, possibly continuing his experiments. He is the reason behind the Raspers, inmate creatures in the woods behind the institution. We haven't heard too much about him, betting his character will take care of that during the first episode ;)

Quotes Made by Dr. Arden

2X6 Origins of Monstrosity
 "Human trails would have been next."  - Dr. Arden
"I assume it would be difficult to find volunteers." - Monsignor Timothy
"From the general public, yes. But there are those whose lives otherwise serve no other purpose. Through our work together, they would have contributed to the greater good. A good that would not go unnoticed - even in Rome." - Dr. Arden

"If you do open that window the light will illuminate everything in Briarcliff. And I do mean everything." - Dr. Arden to Monsignor Timothy 
"I'm not a monster! I'm a visionary! Do you have any idea how lonely a path this is? What it is like to have to carry on your work in secret? Hiding from those pious vigilantes." - Dr. Arden to Sister Eunice 
 2X5 I am Anne Frank Part 2
 Dr. Arden: "You should probably know that I plan on pressing charges."
Sr. Jude: "To what end. She's a confused young woman."
Dr. Arden: "Oh. Not her. You. On your watch that crazy bitch got a hold of a loaded gun and you sent her home without so much as a slap on the wrist. You're ineptitude is staggering."
Sr. Jude: "Dr. Arden, I know in the past you and I have had our differences and you are certainly entitled to a sense of safety here. I hope perhaps you and I can start afresh. "
Dr. Arden: "Is that your idea of an apology?"
Sr. Jude: "Is that what you're looking for? An apology?"
Dr. Arden: "No. I prefer you grovel. I think I am entitled to it. Perhaps if you prostrated yourself on the floor and begged my forgiveness."

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