Monday, August 27, 2012

Raves Via the 60's, Love that Vibe Man! AHS Videos

The two newest videos for the upcoming season of American Horror Story Asylum feature a bunch of hands up passing along something ala Rave or Mosh Pit style - which had to have its start in the PHYSCO-delic 60's, right?

Now, if I am seeing clearly, there are body parts in the first video being passed in a bucket... anyone else have a hint as to what that stuff may be? Is everyone in line to get chopped up and then they pass your parts to the back? Could be! (humor me)

Now in the second video we see the crowd carrying off

the white nun. I'm not sure it is the real white nun and not a dummy, seems too short to be a person. But that could be a trick of the lights.

Okay, let's get brain storming. What old horror flicks had ritualistic sacrifices? because I'm going to bet dollars to donuts that this is going to be a lot about that. What do you think? Tribes used to paint their virgins to sacrifice them, maybe that is why the white nun is all white? Perhaps... lots to ponder...

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