Friday, August 17, 2012

First Video Sneak Peek at Season 2 American Horror Story

It is here at last: the FIRST Season 2 video for our favorite sexy horror show, American Horror Story!! And just in time since my brother and his oldest son were asking about it this past weekend. I got the "Are they having a second season? When is it going to start?" questions that prompted me to think, "Don't even you read my blog???" geeezz...

The video is only 19 seconds long, but it is a fun-spooky-packed 19 secs. First, knowing that Ryan Murphy is Catholic and Irish - I dated a few of them types of boys in my day as a good French Catholic girl myself - I can just feel the fear he is trying to instill. Nun, carrying heavy buckets of body parts(you know, that looks like my 5th-grade teacher), through a field into the woods, with a church bell tolling. Yeah, I'm scared already. How about you? Check out the video after the jump!


Now the one thing I think we can take from this video is that it is historical backdrop to what the show will be about this season. Why to I say that? Because while the show will be different this year, with all new characters and even the time it takes place, the structure is supposed to stay the same. The first season of American Horror Story started with a bunch of videos that proved to be back drop of the season, also giving us the show music. I think season 2 will prove to be the same.

There is a theroy that the nun in the video is 'feeding' something with people parts slop.  ick...

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