Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bloody Face the New Rubber Man for Season 2 AHS

Ryan Murphy has stated that Bloody Face is going to be the new Rubber Man for season 2 American Horror stories. Who is Bloody Face? What will this face-of-my-future-nightmares really look like? That remains to be seen because all we have been given to use to speculate is a drawing on a brick wall.

bloody face from american horror story
Ryan Murphy/Twitter

Ryan tweeted the picture of Adam and the graffiti and the face looks very much like the one I used to see in my past nightmares - back in high school. Around the time Halloween/Friday the 14th and Nightmare on Elm Street was gracing every theater in town and my friends and I were brave enough to go see the - Scared? Who me? No Way! Much too cool for that ;) Until I got home and turned out the light in my room... and saw this face!

halloween movie micheal myers
Micheal Myers from Halloween 2

You know, they used to play these movies on Halloween when I was babysitting and I would see this face... thinking about it still gives me chills today, lol. But I'll replace it with a new face, Ryan. Bring it on!

So, I think we have some great stuff to look forward to this season, how about you? Bloody Face is going to be one hec of a bad guy I think, especially if he is the one the nun is offering the body part to in this clip... right? Tell me your theories in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy! this season looks promising.
The pig parts are for the fail experiment patients of Dr. Nazi. sort of zombies.
Nazi doctors, Aliens, and Nuns! omg

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