Tuesday, August 21, 2012

American Horror Story Season 2 Video 3 Gives a Clue in Under 9 Secs

This is a jump at you spooky one that is of course done as well as the horror culture spooks it portrays. I'm loving all of these clues that the produces or FX is giving us... lets hope that we keep getting more. And I think we will have many many more as it is time to FX to try and make some real money off of it's award winning hit, right? It's all good for us fans.. we really like these ;)

I clipped a still off of the video of what is inside the rose... take a peek after the jump.

It's a crazy woman in a strait jacket in what looks like a padded cell. I think the horror in this picture is going to be the fact that she may not be actually crazy. It might be what is being done to her is what is making her crazy? I can't wait for the season to start... what do you think is going on in this picture or in the video? Speculate! (you know where)

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