Sunday, August 19, 2012

19 More Seconds of American Horror Story: Asylum Teaser Fun

Yes! I hope we get one of these every day until the show starts its second season in October, don't you? Serious, this is cool, too cool almost. Again we have the overall religious theme - always makes me cringe! But, this teaser answers a question that fans have been asking - is the spooky music from American Horror Story season 1 going to be back? Yes!! It's morphed, but it still has that chilling droplet sound. Here is what Ryan said on the Twitter Q&A about the music:

Q: "Is the ‘theme song’ from the opening credits last season still going to be used? It was perfectly eerie."
A: "We are shooting a new title sequence with the same team that did last year's. The song may stay...not sure."
 See the video after the jump.
In the trailer we have a nun in black kneeling and praying and a nun in white, hanging up a blue coat. It seems to me the coat belonged to a girl... maybe one that is stuck in the institution? And how about that look from the nun at the end of the video? EEEP!


It looks to me like the nun that is praying is in front of a door of some sort... perhaps a padded room is in front of her and she is praying for the person in it? Maybe it is the little girl who belongs to the blue coat?  

And just for some added fun, who isn't loving the septa coloring of the film in the beginning - really ages the story, ya know? That Ryan Murphy crew... pretty darn clever.

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