Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Zachary Quinto Gets a Lead in Season 2 of AHS

This young man is shaping up to be my favorite actor of his generation. While I was disappointed in the writing of Heroes, his Sylar kept my eyes riveted to the screen.
As an avid Trekkie, I fell in love with his Spock - what an amazing depth of character he was able to pick up and carry. I bet Leonard Nimoy even wondered if they had been able to clone Spock in some sci-fi Hollywood studio! And I loved his Chad talks with Vivien as half of the "boys" who were killed in the Murder House.

Constance and Chad in 1X11 Birth ©FX

So I happily report that Zachary Quinto will be playing one of the male leads in AHS for season 2. With the caste Ryan Murphy is putting together, all he is going to have to tell them is "Say this and look scary..." and the show will be amazing ;)

It is being reported that he will be playing 'the nemesis to Lange’s character, which will be at the center of the Season 2 storyline'. I can believe this since Ryan said he loved the two actors pitted against one another in the scene of AHS 1X11 Birth. One of my favorite quotes came from that scene:

Constance:"Man shall not lie with man. It is an abomination."
Chad: "So's that hairdo. But I figure that's your business."

 Do you have a favorite Chad quote? If so, please share in the comments!

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