Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sarah Paulson(Billie Dean) is Excited to Be Going Back to American Horror Story for Season 2

And we, the fans of AHS, are glad to have her! The physic Billie Dean was a great character - one that I thought might be the connector of all of the seasons and one that I thought was used too little. The actress gave Billie just the right amount of mysticism, and then you could see the real fear - like when she looked down the hall in Murder House at the Basement door as she is talking 'a-matter-of-factly' about why spirits haunt to Violet, who is a spirit herself and Billie knows it. I could watch that scene 100 times and still feel her power over her own gift. She reminds of the saying - Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to work through it.

See what Sarah said about her new role and theories on why Billie faded after the jump.

"I was very excited and I felt very honored to be included in the people that [Murphy] wanted back," she told E! Online. "He had mentioned something to me last season in passing and I thought, 'Oh, I hope to God that happens!'"

However, Paulson explained that work on the second season is still in the "early stages" and added: "I know some things, but no, you do not get to know!"

Trying to help get rid of 'the boys'.©FX
 Paulson also had the TV Psychic persona down. I also wish that we could have seen Constance go on Billie's Lifetime show. That would have been a bloody mess hoot! I have to wonder if Billie knew what Constance had done, the spirits had to have told her. Or maybe Billie didn't know what Constance was up to until after she was in the Murder House during the 1x11 Birth episode and could see what it was all about. I mean Constance had to tell Billie that Tate was her son, right? Perhaps that is why there is no more help from Billie after that, she just faded into the background.... something to ponder.

What are your thoughts on Sarah coming back? Excited? Hopeful she'll get more of a role? Meh? Hit the comments!

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