Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jessica Lange Wins Golden Globe

Congratulations to Jessica Lange for Winning a  Best Supporting Actress in TV Series, Mini-Series, or Made-for-TV Movie
 Golden Globe for her role in American Horror Stories. It is well deserved! There wasn't a moment all season that this American Horror Story fan was mesmerized by her performances. I think my favorite performance was one that didn't get enough credit - out in the garden with Ben when he was digging right above Moira's bones and where he ends up burying Hayden. She pulls that scene into the dark, although it is shot in broad daylight simply by stepping toward Ben. I think I actually held my breath the first time I saw it.

I enjoyed hearing her acceptance speech and was thrilled to hear her thank the writers for 'giving me something to do'. You can see a video of her win and speech after the jump.

Love her! Rumor has it, she may be back next season. Hope so!! 

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