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American Horror Story: 1x2 Home Invasion Quotes

home invasion quotes american horror story
What are these three up to? ©FX
Tate: We have to get rid of the bodies, if you want him to keep treating me.

 Moira:  "I'll get the shovel. You get the bleach."

The second episode had more of a storyline within the main storyline giving viewers something to follow. I think this form of show, which was much different than the crazy pilot, worked very well. There is still a lot going on, foreshadowing, more than viewers realize. For instance, take this quote from the police who are talking to Ben and Vivien after the home invasion, they are talking about finding Bianca's body:

Police: "Is this the female you say you saw on Wednesday morning?"
Ben: "Yes. That's her. She must have been casing the house. I've never seen her before"

Police: "And you won't see her again.We found her six blocks from here practically cut in half. Looks like maybe she couldn't go through with it. Ran off. Her friends went after her. Tried to do a Black Dehlia on her."
Added note: Love how Ben looked when they told him she had been cut in half. Guess he remembered their session when Bianca said: "I think I'm just afraid to be cut in half." In answer to him trying to 'shrink' her elevator dream.

Franklin and Fiona(acting as Franklin): "Excuse me mam, I don't want to bother you. But I'm hurt and needing some help."

Adelaide: How come I don't look like these girls?
Constance: Because you don't. It's just the way you were born. But you were hatched with other gifts.
Adelaide: Like what?
Constance: Well, Christ on a stick, I don't know... finger painting.

Constance: You're with child... I have the nose of a truffle pig. I could smell that little angel the second I walked in the door.

Constance (to Vivien about the cupcakes): They're not for you. At your age, you might as well just crazy-glue a stick of butter to your ass.

Larry: "I'm trying very hard not to judge you."
Ben: "Me? You murdered your entire family."
Larry: "Yes. But I was never unfaithful."

Leah: "Do you believe in the devil?"
Violet: "No."
Leah: I do. "I've looked into his eyes."

Vivien to Ben: "Don't shrink me."

This next quote reminded me of a scene in Mommy Dearest - which many scenes with Constance do!
Constance: "I think I'm going to start strapping her in at night again."

Talk about foreshadowing! We get to met Ben's tramp in Home Invasion as she 'invades' Ben's life with a new life of her own. The writers do a good job of keeping us focused on what is happening in the now and not on what will be happening. But this line said it all:

Hayden: "I just need you until it's over. Then you go back to Saint Vivien. And I go back to personality theory and psycho-pathology."
She might as well have just come out and said: "When we're dead, you can decorate a Christmas tree with Vivien and the dead fam. I'll just go on trying to get the ghosts  in the house to do my bidding and killing the men I sleep with."

Contance: "I don't think there is a door that beauty can't open."

I like how Violet really learned how strong her mom was and how strong women in a relationship - even a bad relationship - can feel more than one thing and not know what to do. It's horror at its best to be stuck in a bad relationship and not be sure if you will work your way out of it. Ben is there too and Violet will be. Nevertheless, this quote from Violet was the best:

Violet to her parents: "You think I let him in? I don't know why Tate was here. But, I'm glad he was. You were really brave. Mom."

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