Thursday, December 1, 2011

American Horror Story: Travis Profile

Travis is played by Michael Graziade.

Michael Graziade as Travis. ©FX
Profession: Aspiring model/actor.

Travis Facts:
  • Thinks he really is in love with Constance.
  • Slept with Hayden.
  • Walks Constance's dogs for her.
  • Travis' body was cut up and left in a field in the same way the Black Dahlia's was, including a smile cut into his face.
  • Drives a motorcycle.

Character Connections:
  • Killed by Hayden and is currently a resident of Murder House.
  • Is Constance's lover and she asks to marry him and have a baby.
  • Was friends with Addy, he was often there when Constance would come home from work.

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