Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thoughts on the Season Finale of American Horror Story

Okay, after staying up to watch it last night and getting up early this morning to do Christmas Concert stuff and watching it again, I have to say that I liked everything I saw, but I really missed what I didn't see. A few of the scarier ghosts that Moira talked about should have been around trying to keep our new residents home-bound, Vivien trumping Chad like Constance tried but could never do, more hints into the next season and where was Billie Dean?

I expect when watching an awesome series like this one, that one of the shows will not be as stellar as the rest. I just don't expect that one show to be the season finale.

What did you think?


Anonymous said...

I hated it, not worthy of the great season that was. Really, is that all there is to it? Ben dies and everyone will live happily ever after in the haunter murder house. BAH!

Anonymous said...

NOt a whole lot of suspense in the finale. It was great to feel closure for the harmon family, for the house that tormented them it was worthwile to see their happy union in death.

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