Thursday, December 1, 2011

American Horror Story: Season 1, Episode 9: Spooky Little Girl Recap

The Black Dahlia and her murdering dentist. ©FX
So this week Hayden steals Constance's boy toy, Ben gets his reality vision and we find out the end of the world is near. So much to think about, so late at night...

Flashback to 1947 when a young lady visits her dentist who live in, you guessed it, the Murder House. She doesn't have the money to pay him, so she tries to come on to him and he plays dumb. Then, he gives her anesthesia.... next scene, a girl and her mother find the body of the young lady cut into pieces. Its one of the most famous murder victims in LA. Her real name is Elizabeth Short, but her death was sensationalized in newsprint back in the day, earning her the name the Black Dahlia.

Time traveling back to today, Ben asks Moira to make Violet a sandwich and she tries to seduce him instead. Ben doesn't give in, but Moira says it is just a matter of time.

Constance gets a visit from her boy toy, Travis, who is upset that Addy is dead. I think he knew that she had a crush and he could see her for how beautiful she was on the inside - but that's just me thinking. What happened is Constance didn't have the patience for it(Mommy Dearest style) and Travis leaves angry. He runs into Hayden who seduces him. She gets real happy because hey, she can 'do it' anything that comes within her boundaries, not just dead guys. Interesting....

Hayden's sister shows up looking for her.

Ben gets a new patient, Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia. I think Ben can help her, don't you? He seems to do so much better with the dead - not! She offers him sex for payment - they never learn - he turns her down. Good for you, Ben.

Vivien's doctor, Dr Hill, calls, seems her two babies have different dads. Isn't that a nightmare for Viv!

Constance freaks out at Tate in Spooky Little Girl. ©FX
Constance thinks Travis is sleeping with Violet. She runs into Moria and finds out that Tate is the father of one of Vivien's babies. Constance goes to the basement - gotta be a portal down there - and rants and raves, I'm not sure of this is a mommy dearest moment or just a justified freak out.

Ben finds Moira and Elizabeth hot and heavy, and almost is seduced into it with them.  But instead he fires Moira and lets Elizabeth go. Elizabeth gets confuse and Hayden does the same thing with her as she did with Nora, giving her the down low on what happened to her and letting her in on the fact that she is dead.

Ben visits at the hospital, gets angry with Vivien over the 'infidelity' and promises that he will not help her get out of there.

We see the moment that Hayden reveals she has a crush on Ben back when he was her professor. And then back at Murder House, she tries to come on to him. Again, he says no.

Constance and Travis have another fight. He goes back to Murder House and has sex with Hayden, then decides he really does love Constance, but Hayden stabs him to death before he can leave. His ghost shows up and they get rid of the body the same way the dentist got rid of Elizabeth, carve'em up and move'em out. Larry does the honors of getting rid of the pieces.

Ben triggers the alarm to get Luke to come over only to find out he is sterile. Moira tries to seduce Ben, yet again, via rubber suit!! Ben turns her down. He is worried about Vivien and thinks she may have been attacked. With this, Moira stops trying to seduce Ben and reveals her older self because Ben is starting to see things as they really are.

 Billie Dean is talking with Constance about what happens if a spirit mates with a live person and they produce offspring... the end of days! At least according to the Catholic Church and pope lore. Should be an interesting birth.

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