Friday, December 16, 2011

My Theory: American Horror Story is based on Billie Dean Howard's Lifetime Shows

I'm calling the theory at 7:28 12/16: I think the American Horror Story series is based on Billie Dean Howard's Lifetime Shows. Much like the Hunger Games is based on Reality TV. The beginning of my evidence is below, let me know what you think in the comments.

 Ryan Murphy in an interview on EW:
"But I am obsessed with the idea that she’s getting her own show on Lifetime. We wrote that part for Sarah. She and Jessica are really good friends in real life. We’re writing right now in one of our finale episodes now the return of Billie Dean. The thing that we always kept saying is well isn’t it pretty easy to get rid of a ghost? Like how do you get rid of them?"

In Piggy Piggy:
Billie Dean says she wants Constance to be the first guest on her Lifetime Show... so it would follow that the first season of AHS is Constance's - or maybe Ben's story.

The sensationalism part of the shows lead us to believe that it could be a talk show type. Talking about the Pope and the antichrist and her talk of the tribe where evil dwells. Both are made for TV soundbites.

From an interview with Connie Britton on EW:
What does this mean for you about season 2? Do you know anything?
  ...I’m really not at liberty to say. I wouldn’t be surprised if season 2 is very different from season 1 but that’s all I know.

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