Thursday, December 8, 2011

American Horror Story: Does Constance know that Violet is dead? Who did know?

Really, I don't think she does know that Violet is dead. I think she thinks Violet is still alive and well. I mean, in 1x9 Spooky Little Girl, Constance said while she was visiting Vivien that she was going to buy Violet some pastries. And she didn't have anything rude to say to Tate when he asked her not to say anything to Violet about getting her mom pregnant.Then she is upset with Violet for doing her 'Travis' when she didn't(does Constance know about Hayden?) and I would think she would blow up at Tate thinking he did it....

I don't know why this struck me as important, but I think it will be in the long run. Yes indeed, she is going to blame Tate for it, but I wonder who is going to get blamed for Violet being dead in the first place... maybe Constance is going to be rotting in jail yet? (No, she'll never go. Hell, maybe. But never jail.) Won't Ben want to know where the body is when he eventually finds out?

Hayden knew when she tried to get it on with Tate. I have to go back and watch to see if she said anything else... Also, when Vivien came in to talk with Violet and saw the picture of Nora, did she realize she was also sitting next to a ghost? Eeeep! Going to really have to keep thinking on this.

Update 12/12:  I think Moira knew Violet was dead when she did Joe in Violet's room. she said the room belonged to a depressed teen and I wondered how did she know that Violet was so depressed? Plus, she seemed to know how close Tate and Violet had gotten when she told Constance about Tate fathering one of Vivien's twins.

Got any thoughts, quotes or ideas on this? Post it in the comments section!

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