Saturday, December 3, 2011

American Horror Story: Could Violet be pregnant?

We also have the American Horror Story: Is Violet Dead? post because I thought maybe, but now???

Is she having Tate's baby? ©FX
In a recvent interview over at EW, Ryan said:

Can you preview next week’s episode?
...One is does tackle is the Violet thing. Is she or isn’t she? Or what? And there is a very big what; there could be a different scenario...
Answers here Recap posted: American Horror Story: 1x10 Smoldering Children Recap

 Could the 'or what' be that Violet is pregnant to Tate as well as her mother being pregnant to Tate.  That would be a layer of horrifying we haven't really seen, except on soap operas. It would mimic Ben having both Vivien and Hayden pregnant at the same time as well.

She could be pale and not want to eat because of not feeling so well. It may be early to think this way, but it is a third possibility. Do you have another idea? post in the comments!

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