Thursday, October 20, 2011

American Horror Story: 1x3 Murder House Recap and Review

Season 1 Episode 3: Murder House was informative as well as full of questions that may have just creeped me out to the extreme... which is why I watch ;) The show starts in 1983 where we find a man and our maid. He tries to talk her into having sex, she doesn't want to. So he does just want you would expect a man who lives in murder house to do, he proceeds to take what he wants from her anyway. In walks a young Constance who then shoots the maid in the eye and her husband in the heart.

Cut to present day Vivien yelling at Ben for his betrayal, and we think he told her about Hayden in Boston but
no, he didn't tell her because he is a coward, more on that later. She is upset because she has found out that here finances are in the toilet and they can not just pick up and leave the house because they do not have the money.

Vivien decides they are still leaving, it's just going to take longer because she'll have to sell the house first. She calls Marcy and lets her have it, "You are going to bake cookies. You are going to go buy beautiful, expensive fresh-cut flowers. Or maybe make up some nice stories about all the people who’ve lived here over the years. You’re going to do whatever it takes, and you are going to sell this house. And then my family and I are going to live someplace safe. And in return I’m not going to prosecute you for gross criminal negligence. Are we on the same page? Good."

Moira finds Constance stealing the silver. Constance gets Moira to clean it before she takes it.

New's new patient, Sally Freeman, who is incredibly boring. she is upset because her husband no longer wanted to be with her despite the fact that she memorized the NFL lineups for all teams...

Ben's patient goes missing and when  Detective John Colquitt finds Sally Freeman they also find Ben's tape recorder where Sally is begging for Ben's help and he is ignoring her. She went to a hotel, took an overdose of drugs and is in a coma.(foreshadowing Violet's being ignored by Ben and talking drugs)

Larry slams Hayden in the face with a shovel, when she stirs a bit he hits her again and again. She's dead and we wonder if Larry is just a figment of Ben's imagination and Ben is actually holding the shovel?

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