Tuesday, December 20, 2011

American Horror Story: 1X12 AfterBirth Hints, Promos and Spoilers

12/20 Update added to the end of the post - a link to a spoiler video!!

Like the episodes of American Horror Story, this promo video is chuck full of hints - almost too many to decipher... almost. The twelve episode will be a special event on FX and will run 90 minutes. I think we are in for some real revelations about what we are indeed watching. I do think Constance survivies to raise Tate's baby and she ends up living in the house, since that is all she has ever wanted. Then Ben would be stuck with her forever if he dies, right?

Here is a little of what Ryan Murphy said in an interview on EW:
The final episode was built around the Dylan dilemma: Your beloved wife and your daughter are dead and you know that and you

personally feel responsible — what do you do? Do you go? Do you stay? Do you bring people in to help you contact them? We deal with what’s going to happen to this family. And then we deal of course with what happened to the baby? And what is Constance going to do? Constance is a survivor, so how is she going to survive this chain of events? What is she going to do? Also, what’s going to happen to that house?
and on the series he said:
I think that when people watch the finale next week that they will definitely have a sense of where the series is headed, but if they don’t, I will be happy to tell them. Yes, I think people will have an idea
Now, on to the promo video:

So in the promo we have Ben playing Russian Rulette, someone screaming, Tate screaming at Violet that he does want to hurt her, Gladys popping out of the  tub when some woman I don't recognize tries to 'hide' in the bathroom. Ben threatening Constance... he should be the one who is afraid of her, really... I saw a cello!... mommies fighting over babies... rubber man is back? different?... someone falls from the second floor... Constance breaks all of the mirrors in the look-at-yourself closet.

I think Constance is raising Tate's little boy in the house. This picture shows her with the same shirt on as when she is in the basement during the promo video. What's that red stuff?


12/20 Update Entertainment tonight has an exclusive clip from tomorrow night's show. Vivien and Violet try and talk Ben into leaving the house and taking the baby with him. Very sweet...  check out the video here.

Should be a real fun time!!

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