Thursday, December 15, 2011

American Horror Story: 1x11 Birth Recap and Review

A very sad Violet. ©FX

The boys stay.  A baby is born. Tate goes away. And the house claims another mommy. And that is what you missed on AHS!

I found this to be the most sad episode, although my mood may have been preconceived after watching the sneak peek, but a real sadness came over me when I realized the end is coming and it's coming in more than one way with these great characters.

Flashback 1984, Tate's truck goes down into the basement and he is scared. He meets Infintata down there and Nora comforts him - what a look she gave Thaddeus! He wishes Nora was his real mom- Constance must have been a real winner back then. We know that Nora can be very controlling, I wonder if this explains...
 why Tate just up and does things? Anywho....

Present time conversation with Tate and Nora, She is going to take the baby - not sure which one she wants - but Tate is trying to explain that he loves Violet and she can't have it.

Ben tries to make Violet go to the mental hospital to pick up Vivien, but Violet fights him. She ends up back in the house when Ben tries to drive away with her. Her and Tate realize that they will never have kids... well, Tate will and Violet is going to find out....

Constance and Billie Dean talk about the house. ©FX
Violet gets upset because the boys are decorating and are going to try and take her mom's babies. She tells Constance and then Constance and Chad go at it. Dark humor, loved that scene.

Billie Dean explains how to get rid of specific ghosts, but she isn't as good a medium as we think because it doesn't work on Chad when Violet tries it. But she does know when Tate is there and Billie doesn't like him. I think there is much more to these ghosts then just the spirit of the deceased. Some entity has them and Billie Dean isn't picking up on that. Oh and I don't think Constance knows about Violet yet....

Vivien goes into labor. ©FX
The birth goes terribly wrong - how could it not with Dr Montgomery delivering? - Vivien was right not to want to go into the house, but she is forced to because of going into labor in the driveway while Ben is getting the news that Violet is dead.

One baby is a still born(or is it, only Nora knows), one lives. But mommy does not. RIP Vivien Harmon - although we know that is impossible in Murder House.

Chad tells Violet that Tate raped her mother. Violet confronts Tate with everything and then she breaks up with the resident bad boy by closing her eyes and saying "go away". I be there are thousands of women who wish it were that easy. I'm thinking that it really might not be that easy, we'll see next week.

Violet is crying and Vivien comforts her.

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sanchez said...

Thank you so much for your review of American Horror story! I don’t think I could have made it through the day without a great description of what happened last night. I wasn't able to watch it last night; I was working late at DISH. I may not have been able to watch it but I was able to set it up to record from my iPhone using my DISH Remote Access. So it’s ready and waiting for me when I get home. I like the way I can manage and set up recordings even when I am not at home to do so. So I should be caught up fairly quickly, only one more episode to go.

Denise said...

I cannot wait until the finale! Glad to hear your DISH worked for you ;)

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