Friday, December 16, 2011

American Horror Story: 1x11 Birth Quotes

Billie Dean. ©FX
American Horror story has an excellent group of writers that give us some fun and quotable quotes. Here is my list of quotes from Episode 11: Birth that  had me rewinding to see again. The first quote is again another speech, (see last week's quote by Tate), but I felt it was very important. Why? I think it reflects the vision Ryan and Brad have for the entire series.

Billie Dean(talking about the ghosts in the house): The evil. It's a force just like any other, Violet, pure physics - real and powerful. Created by events. Events that unleash physic energy into the environment where it is absorbed. Like the way a battery stores energy. You'll see it all the time in places like prisons or asylums. Negative energy feeds on trauma and pain. It draws those things to it. The force here in this house is larger than the many individual traumas. And it has a need. It wants to break through.  It wants to move in our world, it's using those trapped between this world and the next as conduits.

Nora Montgomery and Tate(in the next scene) : "Life is too short for so much sorrow."

Violet: "If they find out I killed myself, they'll go insane. Literally. For real this time."

Constance:"Man shall not lie with man. It is an abomination."
Chad: "So's that hairdo. But I figure that's your business."

"Are you telling me that Norman Bates Jr. is the baby-daddy?"

"Hey, bitches. You get all that slime off my baby yet?"

"I used to think you were like me -- you were attracted to the darkness. But Tate, you are the darkness."

Constance: "What you are planning to do is unnatural."
Chad: "Deodorant's unnatural, but it's a public good. We'll make excellent parents."

Moira: "He's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen."
Constance: "From blood and pain come perfection."

Tate: "Seriously, though, are you ready for all this? I mean, you never struck me as the diapers and midnight feedings type."
Patrick: "Maybe you should have taken a few minutes to get to know me before you stuck a fireplace poker up my ass."
Tate: "Fair enough."

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