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American Horror Story: 1x10 Smoldering Children Recap

 Season 1 Episode 10 Smoldering Children

Answers are here!! I loved how this episode tied together so many stories. Going to be mulling this over for a while, but here is the recap:
1994 Family Dinner in the Murder House, with Constance and her kids, Tate and Addie.  Larry at the head of the table. Tate ask to say the blessing, he begins to pray at the table, but it is more of a continuous slur against his mother. She asks him if he realizes the blessings he has if he would only just smile. He gets angry and accuses Constance of killing Beau...

Tate does a few lines of coke, gets the guns ready. Goes to Larry’s office, pours gas on him and lights a match. Now we know how Larry gets his scars.

Ben goes to visit Vivien in the Hospital. He tells her about the twins having two different fathers and that he knows she was raped. She says she is not going back into that house.

Ben gets a visit from the truant officer. He notices blow flies in the house. If Violet misses anymore school she will be brought into juvenile court.

 Ben talks to Violet about going to school. He apologizes for not being there for her. She promises to go tomorrow.

Ben calls an exterminator. The exterminator finds something under the house, right before Tate kills him.

Constance gets a visit from the cops about Travis. She is very upset that someone did this to Travis. Constance visits Larry and accuses him of killing Travis. Take a knife to his neck and then to his balls. He tells her that Travis died in the house and he does not know who killed him. Suggests it might be Tate.

Tate talks Violet into not going to school for ‘one more day’. Hmmm……

Constance goes home to find cops on her porch. She is carrying a concealed weapon, so they bring her in and question her about all of the murders that happen around her and the disappearance of her husband and their maid.

A lawyer shows up at the cop shop and tells Constance that they are looking to pin the ‘boy dahlia’ murder on her.

Larry goes down to the basement and tries to hide Travis’ things and sees Travis, who is playing with Larry’s smoldering daughters. Larry sees his wife in the basement of Murder House and she convinces him to pay for the vows he has broken.

Tate - dressed as rubber man - attacks Ben after he gets out of the shower and he takes on more than he should have, because Ben Harmon is pissed. But Tate does manage to knock him out. Ben screams for Violet before going under. Tate tells him he is not killing him because he loves her.
Tate tries to convince Violet to commit suicide with him, but she runs to the front of the house, screaming for help. Just as soon as she runs out the front gate, she is back in the back door. After a few more times through whatever portal that is, Tate catches her and she says: “I don’t want to die.” And He says, “It’s too late.” He then brings her to see her body and explains that he tried to save her but she had taken too many pills. Violet is a ghost in the house. Did your heart just break went she came running in the back door the first time, like mind did?

Constance is brought down to the cop shop one more time, her lawyer thinks she may be charged, but instead she is brought into an observation room where she sees Larry confessing to the crime. She tells the police she does not know him.

Violet asks Tate: Now what? He says that they are there together, forever.

Constance visits Larry at his request. It seems like he is going to put her in her place, but he is too weak of a man when she is around. He just wants to know if she can say I love you one more time, she doesn’t.

Questions: Is Vivien going to change her mind and want to go back to the house when she finds out that she can’t see Violet anywhere else?

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