Friday, November 25, 2011

Vivien Harmon Profile

Vivien Harmon is a main character played by Connie Britton.

Connie Britton as Vivien Harmon. ©FX 
 Vivien is a mother who has recently had a few shocks: a miscarriage and she caught her husband cheating. She moves into the house to make a new start with her family.

Profession: A cellist.

Vivien Harmon Facts:
  • She was trying to get pregnant again, but doesn't like to take drugs, she prefers to let nature  take its course.
  • Vivien is impregnated by the Rubber Man - who is Tate.

Strong Relationships

Character Connections
  • Moira thinks highly of Mrs. Harmon. She tells Hayden and Constance that they are beneath the Madame.
  • Vivien calls Marcy out for being a horrible realtor and they often trade jabs.
  • Luke likes Vivien and she has fantasies about him.
  • Chad commiserates with Vivien about cheating spouses.
  • Constance seems to be taking care of Vivien and her 
  • Vivien meets Nora in the Open House episode and gives her a tour of the house.

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