Saturday, November 26, 2011

American Horror Story: Thaddeus Montgomery/Infantata Profile

Thaddeus Montgomery was the baby son of Dr. Charles Montgomery and Nora Montgomery.

Thaddeus Montgomery/Infantata Facts:
  • He is killed by a patient's boyfriend and cut up into little pieces because the doctor performed an abortion on his girlfriend. Sort of an eye for an eye thing.
  • His body parts are returned to his parents in mason and large jars with fluids in them - formaldehyde? 
  • Dr. Charles Montgomery sews the baby back together and gives it life using the beating heart of one of his patients. What comes back is infantata which is either a ghost or a demon, I'm going with demon.
  • His mother as a ghost has the ability to  tell him to stop and he listens to her. This is seen in 1X11 when she tells Tate all he has to do is to tell him to 'go away' and she will see that he does. this seems to suggest that Thaddeus/Infintata dies at some point and is now a ghost.
  • He lives down in the basement and hasn't been seen anywhere else since the night of his parent's death.
  • Thaddeus is wearing a lace gown that Nora made for the his funeral, something she dropped when she realized what her husband was stitching in the basement.
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