Friday, November 25, 2011

American Horror Story: Tate Langdon Profile

Tate Langdon is a main character played by Evan Peters.

Profession: High school student, psycho patient, violent killer.

Evan Peters as Tate Langdon. ©FX
Tate Langdon facts:
  • He wears the rubber suit to rape Vivien and is probably the father of her babies, he is the rubber man.
  • He killed 14 students in a school shooting.
  • He doesn't remember being dead, or acts like he doesn't know it.
Strong relationships:
  • Son to Constance.
  • Possible father to Vivien's babies.
  • Brother to Adelaide.
  • Brother to Beau.
  • Violet's boyfriend.
Character Connections:
  • Tate is Ben's patient whom Ben does not like hanging around the house.
  • Kills the home invasion crew.
  • Kills the high school students who come back to get him on Halloween.
  • He is 'dating' Violet and de-flowered her.
  • He killed Chad and Patrick.
Tate's Quotes:

From Episode 1X10 Smoldering Children:
"Thank you for the salty pig meat we are about to eat, along with the rest of the rest of the indigestible swill. And thank you for our new charade of a family. My father ran away when I was only six, and if I had known any better I would have joined him. And, also because she's been trying to get back into this house ever since she lost it, Lord, a big thank you for blinding the asshole that's doing my mother so he can't see what everybody knows: that she doesn't really love him."
Addie: "Amen." 

 Violet: "So why'd you keep it a secret?"
Tate: "'Hi, I'm Tate. I'm dead. Want to hook up?' I don't think so."

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