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American Horror Story: 1X8 Rubber Man Recap and Review

Season 1 Episode 8 opens with Nora looking around her home at the things that do not belong to her, someone is moving in to the house. The furnishings are cheap and she cannot understand why they are there. Someone who remains off screen comforts her, as if he feels he is there to serve her. She wonders where her baby is and he implies he'll get one for her.
Rubber man. source: FX

Flash forward to the sex scene between Vivien and the rubber man, who then walks right by a dazed Ben on the stairs. Goes into the bathroom, I'm thinking its the same one Violet cuts in, takes off the mask and we see - ewwwwww - Tate. Guess he is planning on 'taint'-ing more than Violet.

Next we see Vivien talking to Moira and Marcy in the kitchen. Vivien is admitting to seeing Nora, that sh came to the house. She is telling them that she thinks she has seen this woman's ghost and the two are just pacifying her. "Everyone has a doppelganger." says Marcy. Shame Viv never saw the back of Nora's head, right? Vivien thinks she is going crazy.

Flash back to Chad having lunch with a girlfriend. He mimics Vivien's feelings. He thinks Pat is cheating and he has no way of fixing their relationship. He has stalked Pat and knows he is using a S&M site. He doesn't know what to do. His lunch bf says, if you can't beat'em, join'em. Chad heads to the nearest S&M shoppe and purchases no other than the infamous black suit.

Problem:Pat thinks the suit is ridiculous and doesn't like the feel of the latex - he prefers leather. They fight, Chad sits on the end of the bed and cries. Which turns into Nora sitting on the bed crying, but this isn't a flash back, it's more of a real time as we see Hayden come in and lay out some harsh realities to Nora:

source: FX
You're dead. I'm dead. Our babies are dead. Your clothes are outdated.

And then convinces Nora that their road to eternal  happiness - or at least less heartbreak - is to take Vivien's babies and drive good ole Viv crazy.

Cut to Vivien in the hall getting spooked by Hayden rolling her the ball, flicking the lights, etc.

Then cut to Tate in a rubber suit killing Chad. Patrick comes in and a fight ensues. Tate wins and starts beating Pat with a poker. He then sodomizes him with the poker. Tate takes the boys down to the basement and sets up the murder suicide scenario. Nora had wondered why they were there and Tate told her he had to kill them because they were fighting and weren't going to have a baby for her. The next family can move in now and do that.

Ben finds Violet in the basement as she is playing ball with Beau, we think as we don't see him. He asks who she is talking to and she says no one. He sits her in his office and asks why she hasn't been at school for two weeks. She says she is being bullied. Then she goes on a rant aobut how he is a womanizer and should be worried about how crazy Vivien is getting.

Back in the kitchen Vivien confides in Moira that she thinks all of her paranoia is a side effect of the medicine she is taking. After a long lesson in woman's hysterical history, Moria admits to believe that their are ghosts in the house and Vivien should leave while she still can.

Being a woman who knows when to take a hint, Vivien and Violet pack up and try to leave. Unfortunately, when they get to the car, their home invasion people are in the back seat. Boy, pregnant women can run when they want to, as Vivien was back in the house lickity-split. Then we see her fighting with Ben, he doesn't believe she saw what she saw and she is beginning to believe that he set up the whole home invasion to get rid of her and move Hayden in. Hmmmmm... interesting!

And then comes the real horror, Violet lies to her father and Vivien looks like she is coming unhinged, she probably thinks she may be coming unhinged.

Vivien calls Marcy to get answers about Mr. Eskandarian, but Marcy doesn't see the need to come all the way over to discuss it. But then Vivien fakes a spell, Marcy goes to get her water and Viv takes her gun out of her bag. Now we know why Marcy needed to come over.

Viv goes to bed, gets spooked by the rubber man and ends up shooting Ben, so calls the cops and wants to have her committed. Luke shows up, letting the cops know that the husband can;t be trusted either.

Cut to Vivien, under the influence of her drugs, and Valium, getting a nasty visit from Hayden who tells Viv that she wants the babies. The rubber man is there and he attacks her. She wakes to Ben holding her down. She goes nuts and tries to find Hayden in the room with Ben and Luke watching. Ben tells her she is being committed. She eyeballs her daughter who looks very guilty. Then she says the line of the night, "At least I will be out of this house."

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