Wednesday, November 30, 2011

American Horror Story: Season 1 Episode 9: Spooky Little Girl Hints and Spoilers

Moira and the Black Dahlia. ©FX
Updated with Constance picture below.

This week the house gets a visit from the Black Dahlia, a famous murder victim from the 1940s. She is pictured here in a scene with Moira. No one here is surprised that she swings both ways, right? If you check the promo video for the week, you'll see that the two are enticing Ben.

Constance is angry with Tate as she finds out about something bad he has done. Okay, so this could be anything right? I think Constance already knows about what Tate did to the boys because of what she says to him when she sees the two bodies from the home invaders. I wonder if it will be the fact that he impregnated Vivien?

The Black Dahlia will be there visiting her dentist, who was a previous owner? and works out of the house? So our ghosts are still gainfully employed in this economy? That's may be good for Ben to know.

So does Ben finally give in the Moira now that he and Vivien are separate and his so-to-be-ex-wife is out of the house?  It will be interesting to see if he does, and I wonder if that means he is dead like some of the theories running around right now. Vivien shots him so is he stuck being a sex maniac and ghost? I also remember reading the Ryan Murphy said we would learn ore about how Ben and Hayden got back together.... maybe that will be in tonight's episode as well??
Constance visits Vivien at the hospital... lolz.... I can just hear her now: "Well dear, I hope they are giving you enough raw brains for the baby!"

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