Thursday, November 17, 2011

American Horror Story: Season 1 Episode 7 Open House

It's 1994 and we see Constance in the house in front of the fire, upset that she is going to be charged with neglect because of one of her sons. Larry is there - sans fire scars - ready to do anything for her. And he does. He goes to the attic, we get to met Beau, and Larry oh so lovingly smothers him.

Next, we see Ben and Vivian arguing about how much to reveal to prospective buyers about the house's history. Vivien feels cheated because she was not told and wants to tell all. Ben thinks she has changed her mind about selling and he wants her to keep her mouth shut.

Off to the Doctors where Viv and Ben find out they are not having one baby with hooves, no, now it twins. But at least the doctor thinks that they are healthy. Vivien doesn't look convinced.

Real estate agent Marcy and Vivien run the open house. They are in the kitchen with prospective buyer Joe Eskandarian, who comments about putting a pool in the back. This gets Moira's attention who flirts with him knowing that he is the type of man to see her as young and sexy. He wonders if she comes with the house, she does and he is sold. Later, Joe comes back for another tour and Moira services him with some oral sex in Violet's room.

Marcy pulls a gun at her open house. ©FX
Then Larry comes to take a tour of the house. Marcy pulls a gun on him, but Vivien calms her down and gives him a tour. He is especially excited about the fireplace in the library. Hew would like to see a mural in the library, the wallpaper didn't do it for him.

And happy, happy, joy, joy! The next scene is Vivien going for the gold with her battery operated love stick. First she is think about Luke, then Ben then Rubberman killed the mood.

Cut to Violet cutting herself. Tate tries to make it all better by sucking up the blood - tying in the new Twilight movie? - He makes her promise not to do that anymore. Violet goes up to the attic and sees Beau. Tate appears behind her and introduces him. Then tells Violet how to tell Beau to leave, letting her know she can do this with anyone who is a ghost. She tests it on the nurse named Maria later and it works. Later, Tate shows Violet his secret stash in the attic. Pictures, body part in jars and gay porn.... nice collection Tate.

Next we find Ben hiding out in Larry's apartment.  He accuses Larry of lying, really?, and warns him to stay away from his house. Larry tells him he has to get that house back so he can have 'her' back - meaning Constance. Larry explains how his family died. He was having an affair and he was going to move his wife to her mother's. The wife didn't seem to mind she was loosing him, but she was upset that he was taking her house. She goes upstairs and sets fire to the girls and herself. It isn't shown if Larry gets burned trying to save them or not.

Vivien, still on the kick to let buyers know everything that is wrong with the place, goes on the Murder House Tour with Marcy. They learn the story of Dr. Charles Montgomery and his wife Nora. Seems he rebuilt his child with the beating heart of one of his abortion patients. We see Nora go up to the nursery and then come down bleeding from her breast. Seems the baby, Thaddeus/Infintata no longer feeds on milk. She had tried to kill it but that didn't work. She comforts and compliments her husband and then shots him in the head, finishing it all by biting he barrel herself.

Larry and Constance meet, he informs her that the house is going to be taken down by Joe Eskandarian and made into condos. It is apparent that Constance no longer feels the same way about Larry. Constnace goes to Joe's and tries to talk him out of it, but he is pretty much a piece of chauvinistic crap. So, she goes to say goodbye to her loved ones in the house including Beau.
Moira and Mr. Eskandarian. ©FX

Then, she gets Moira and Larry to play on her side. Moira invites Mr. Eskandarian over for a repeat performance of earlier, down int he basement. Moira bites off the head of his penis and Larry smothers him in a plastic bag. Constance makes sure they leave the property before he is dead, she doesn't want to run into him again.

The last scene is Vivien in Violet's room looking at the old pictures in the attic. Vivien sees Nora in her family portrait and remembers giving her a tour....

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