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American Horror Story: 1X10 Smoldering Children Hints and Spoilers

 Season 1 Episode 10
Updated 12/7/2011

Pictures added  to the bottom of the post from the show of Constance, Ben, Rubberman and Larry...

Updated 12/8/11
 Recap posted: American Horror Story: 1x10 Smoldering Children Recap

Updated 12/5/11
 Watching the video for the promo showed a couple of things:
  1. Violet starts trusting in her dad again, she screams for him to help when Tate is there.
  2. Tate with rubber suit on is fighting with Ben. But are we sure it's Tate?

Updated 12/3:

Ryan Murphy says in an interview with EW:
Why hasn’t Constance ever gone to jail for being the worst mother ever?
Funny you should ask. Two episodes from now we do a whole episode where Constance is called on the carpet for all of her crimes, all of them. And the question is how does she get out of it? Or does she?
Why does Tate hate his mother so much?
Oh you’ll see! There’s a whole episode that sort of resolves the Tate/Larry/Constance/How is she getting away with all of this?/Why did Tate do that at the school? All of that is in episode 10, I believe.
Episode summary:

While Violet learns more about the Murder House, the police interrogate Constance and the true story of Larry's burns is presented.

More:  Larry’s backstory: We will see his children and the story behind his burned appearance will be revealed.

More Ryan interviews at EW:

Can you preview next week’s episode?
Well, next week’s episode is about a lot of things. One is does tackle is the Violet thing. Is she or isn’t she? Or what? And there is a very big what; there could be a different scenario. And we once and for all reveal what of Larry’s is a truth and a lie. We really tell you what happened to Larry. We talk about the period of time of when Larry was with Constance and what Tate’s reaction to that was.
         Will that reveal why he hates Constance so much?
Oh yeah. And also it reveals why did Tate do what he did at the school? Why did he do that? What influence was he under? It’s one of my favorite episodes because it answers a lot of questions about the mythology.
Spoiler TV has pictures for 1x10 Smoldering children. Here are a few with what i think they are:

Larry looks like and insurance adjuster? Burned by a client maybe??
Spoiler TV/FX

Constance looks like she could be in trouble here at the police station! She isn't happy... looking forward to getting one of her famous zingers....
Spoiler TV/FX

And Ben fighting rubberman!!! How is he keeping that towel on?
Spoiler TV/FX

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Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

You know I'm starting to think that the only one who is alive is Viv - I certainly think Band and Violet are dead

Denise said...

I think Ben is still alive, he left the house went to the hospital to visit Vivien. But I agree about Violet, although I have to wonder if there isn't a third alternative, like limbo or something...

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