Friday, November 25, 2011

American Horror Story: Moira Profile

Moira played by actresses Alexandra Breckenridge and Frances Conroy.

Profession: Housekeeper of the house, she stays while owners come and well, go.

Moira Facts:
Alexandra Breckenridge and Frances Conroy as Moira. ©FX
  • She was forced into having sex with Constance's husband.
  • Constance shot her in the eye.
  • She is seen as a young sexy maid by men who show little regard for women. She is seen as older ans wiser by everyone else.
  • She is a good maid and becomes very fearful when Vivien wants to get rid of her because she can no longer afford her.
  • She cleaned up the mess when the previous owners were killed.
Strong Relationships:
  • Moira hates Constance because she keeps her trapped in the house.

Character Connections:
  • Tries to have sex with Ben on numerous occasions.
  • Gets along with most of the ghosts by simply doing her job and staying out of their business.

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