Monday, November 28, 2011

American Horror Story: Joe Eskandarian

Joe Eskandarian is played by Amir Arison.

Profession: Mr. Joe Eskandarian was in real estate.
Amir Arison as Mr. Eskandarian. ©FX

Joe Eskandarian Facts:
  • He was going to buy the house, tear it down and turn it into condos.
  • Is an Armenian playboy with no respect for women.
  • Moira bit off the head of his penis because he was going to cover over her bones so they could never be found.(In the making of 'Open House' the penis head prop was shown. You can't see it in the show.)
  • Larry killed him with a plastic bag, and took him away from the house before he expired so he wouldn't come back.
  • In 1x8 Rubber Man, Marcy explains to Vivien that she has been unable to get a hold of Mr. Eskandarian  as she has been calling him for 2 weeks.
Character connection:

  • Larry, Moira and Constance planned out his murder.
  • Moira services him with oral sex in Violet's room.

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